What We Do.

Our customers represent all of the food service industry including restaurants, casual dining, take away, hotels, pubs/clubs, caterers, fast food chains and shopping centers.

We provide free storage and collection services for all your used cooking oil.

We provide best-in-class used cooking oil storage, collection, and recycling.

We develop cooking oil solutions tailored to your kitchen’s design and size – both large and small.

Why Choose Us


We can supply you with a range of quality storage tanks and drums of different shapes, free of cost.

Commited to safety

Scanline ensures compliance with the highest standards of safety in all aspects of our work practices.

Immediate Response

We offer a free collection service for your used cooking oil, in a manner and time convenient to you.

Eco responsible

Every aspect of our process is optimised to ensure we are environmentally responsible.

Continuous Support

We continue to work with you as your partner, servicing your ongoing business needs professionally.

Accredited and Certified

We are EPA approved in the states we operate, ARA accredited and HACCP Certified.


One-call for all UCO needs

Achieve Sustainability Goals

Professional Specialists

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