Serving Restaurants, Pubs, Hotels, Clubs, Take aways, Fast Food and Shopping centres in Australia.

Through our network of service locations, Scanline provides the eastern states in Australia an efficient used cooking oil storage, pickup and recycling service. Our operations cater to the requirements of your business making us the perfect partner for food service chains, as well as our many local and independent operators.


Storage Services

Storage Services

Scanline provides a free used cooking oil (UCO) storage and collection service to any business using oil in cooking or food manufacture.

Collection Services

Collection Services

Scanline collects a wide variety of used cooking oil and fats used throughout the food industry.Like Cottonseed, Canola, Soybean, Palm.

Pickup & Recycling

Pickup & Recycling

Cooking oil doesn’t last for ever. Oil variety, frying temperature, food type and food throughput all impact on the fry-life of the oil.


Environment-Friendly Recycling

Every aspect of the Scanline process is optimised to ensure we are environmentally responsible, in turn ensuring your business is also taking advantage of our commitment. Scanline holds the required EPA licenses for all States in which it operates, and is accredited by the Australian Renderer’s Association in Quality Assurance and use HACCP principles/methodology to manage our quality program.

Compliance with all State Regulations

Each state has strict criteria regarding the lawful disposal of used cooking oil. We comply with all the local requirements.

Committed to Safety

Scanline’s used cooking oil storage and handling solutions can help improve the health and safety for you and your employees by providing a clean work environment and reducing the risk of burns, slips, and strains that come with lifting and handling hot oil.

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